11 Benefits of a Broken Thermostat

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I performed an update on our store’s thermostat automation controller system last week that resulted in some rather unexpected consequences. Apparently one simple little checkbox that was heretofore unchecked and unnoticed became now checked in the new update. And while this little checkbox would possibly be helpful in many cases, in my case — really, the only one that I’m concerned with to be honest — it caused my thermostat to done went and go loco; forgetting that it was a heat pump system and instead trying to act all big and bad like it was a regular HVAC system.

The result was that even though the thermostat showed it was in Cool mode, showed that it was cooling, and showed that it was trying to get the showroom down to a survivable 72 degrees, it was actually blowing hot air. As in heat. In July. In Myrtle Beach. All night long! Hazzah! Causing me to be greeted by a shock-and-awe wall of 93 degree air when I opened the showroom this morning, which, I must say, is a bit like walking straight into a face punch. From Tyson. The pre-jail one.

However, once I rallied past the initial four hours of sweat, disorientation, and unpleasantness, I started looking on the bright side. Perhaps there is some good that can come from your thermostat causing the inside of your showroom to actually be hotter than the outside. In summer. In Myrtle Beach. So, I’ve come up with a list of 11 reasons how a faulty thermostat can actually be a good thing.

Thermostat done went crazy1) You can charge people for an authentic sweat lodge experience! Why get all dressed up and travel hours to your nearest Indian reservation? For a fraction of the time and cost, I can offer the same experience right here in town! And, in these uncertain economic times, this additional revenue generator can be just the thing that installers are looking for to help the bottom line! Any heat hallucinations you have are yours to keep! (Gambling license applied for…)

2) Sitting for hours at a time in 93 degree temps is surprisingly good for cleaning out the pores. ALL of them. Ladies, bring your day spa gear and come on down! Also, I can offer you a movie watching experience during your spa day that NO other spa in town can touch! For an added touch, may I suggest our unique hot-rock therapy treatment? With several skin-searing paver stones that have been sitting in the scorching sun behind our store laid gently and liberally onto your body, we can make sure that you blood and anti-oxidants are doing… something!

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