Warning! Your system is in danger of crashing!

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“Warning sign, warning sign, I see it but I pay it no mind. Hear my voice, hear my voice, It’s saying something and I hope you’re concentrating. Warning sign, of things to come (turn me over, turn me over).”–Talking Heads

Usually, when you get a warning, you, like, I don’t know, follow it or something, right? Like the train crossing thing is all going ding-ding-ding or the weatherman saying that you shouldn’t go outside today because of heightened chances of radioactive acid rain or that weird writing that is on the fogged up mirror when you get out of the shower. Whatever.

But, if someone called you up and said, “I’ve been monitoring your computer, and your hard drive is about ready to go AWOL. And it’s gonna take all of your data with it. Just a friendly little heads up! And it will cost you like 3.5% of your original purchase to make sure you don’t lose anything. Cool?” Chances are you’d probably be all, “Oh, sweet! Thank you so much! If I lost all of my data I’d die, I’d just…DIE!”

So, I got the equivalent of this Minority Report pre-crime warning in the form of an e-mail from Kaleidescape’s tech support on Monday.

We sense your hard disk is crashing

The message said that one of our clients’ systems was showing abnormally high errors on not one but two of his hard drives. Kaleidescape monitors their systems for optimal performance because generally in all cases people that have purchased Kaleidescape systems have a significant amount invested; not only money invested in the components but — most importantly — the precious-ness which is the data that is on those drives. So I called him up and explained the severity of the situation.

And imagine my surprise when he basically said, “Meh…”

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