VooMote One Transforms Your iPhone or iPod Touch into a Universal Remote

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VooMote One, universal remote control for iOS

Most of the major home automation companies have control apps for iOS these days, but what about the iFans of the world who don’t already have (or can’t afford) a full-blown Control4, URC, or Crestron system in the casa? has a cheap and easy alternative already on the market in Europe and ready to roll out in the States in the next couple of weeks. Its new VooMote One is a simple $99 device that snaps around any generation of iPhone or iPod Touch, and pairs with a free iOS app to create a smart, if simple, customizable universal touchscreen remote control.

The company promises super easy setup and macro creation, and although, from what I’ve seen in the videos and press release, it doesn’t seem quite as slick or sophisticated as a Harmony remote, it’s also a lot cheaper, and less likely to wear out after a year and leave you dealing with Logitech’s notoriously apathetic customer support. Plus, all of the setup software is included in the app itself, so configuring your remote won’t require a computer connection.

Granted, it’s IR-only, which means you’ll have to point your iPhone at the device you’re wanting to control, but it also includes a handy IR port on the bottom for learning devices that aren’t in the company’s database already. (At present, though, the database includes codes for “574 TV brands, 995 Top Box/DVR brands, and 151 audio and CD brands,” and new codes will be available as updates from the iTunes store.)

Look for it on August 5 and for $99.

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