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Grinderman, Mickey Mouse & The Goodbye Man, 12-inch UK single, Mute Records, Picture Disc

It is really dangerous for me to go into music stores sometimes… because inevitably I find things I really don’t need but really really want!

Take the latest music from Grinderman, the newish band from Nick Cave (of Bad Seeds fame), which I’ve written about before here. This stuff is dark and brooding, joyously teetering on the precipice where blues, rock, and metal meet, like Tom Waits on a binge drinking with Dave Thomas of Pere Ubu and D.Boon of The Minutemen. Clangy. Angular. Muscular. Oddly sexual. Dangerous and dense. Light and dark at the same time. It’s all there.

Their two albums have received strong reviews, but I first came to them in a round about manner — because of a b-side to a 12-inch UK single that includes a guest appearance by one of my favorite guitarists, Robert Fripp (check out the track posted below courtesy of Mute Records). That Cave pulled out one of the most off-the-hinges solos from Fripp in years caught my ear and interest. That the single was on neat colored vinyl made me plop down the $11 for it. And it was totally worth it.

I haven’t even purchased the actual Grinderman albums yet… but I have purchased all four of the wonderful 12-inch 45 RPM single/EPs he’s been putting out.

The newest one I just got may well be the best: a limited edition picture disc that sounds remarkably good (picture discs can be noisy) but most importantly, it looks just too cool!

From the Elusive Disc store site, I have learned that the single is indeed more than a picture disc: 180 gram 45 RPM black and white swirl colored vinyl, cut by Stuart Hawkes at Metropolis Studios, London.

Grinderman, Mickey Mouse & The Goodbye Man, 12-inch, 45 RPM, On Music Hall 7.1 Turntable The spiral, which like something out of The Twilight Zone or Outer Limits TV shows of the early 60s (perhaps Cave wants to hypnotize you visually as well as aurally), ties in neatly with the animated video for the song, which is called ” Mickey Mouse & The Goodbye Man.” (Check it out below.)

The music rocks like nobody’s business — the disc includes a remix of the tune and what sounds like a French radio appearance. Great stuff. Fun too!

I got mine at Amoeba Records but you can probably find it at your favorite indie music store or via Grinderman’s website. Worth seeking out.

Grinderman – Super Heathen Child (with Robert Fripp) by Mute UK

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