First UltraViolet Titles on the Way: Green Lantern and Horrible Bosses

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UltraViolet, the nigh-universal digital copy system that looks to provide end users with both local and streaming digital copies of the titles they’ve purchased to take anywhere on any platform,is finally a reality with the upcoming releases of Green Lantern and Horrible Bosses on October 25 and November 8, respectively. With essentially every single player in home video content and retail (except Apple and Disney, the latter having their own competing platform, KeyChest) on board, UltraViolet playback capability will likely soon become as ubiquitous as NetFlix in settop boxes and Blu-ray players.

Hypothetically, UltraViolet could also finally allow the implementation of the years-delayed Managed Copy feature of Blu-ray, something that manufacturers like Pioneer have been champing at the bit for. If all goes well, consumers will be able to legally create copies, even right off the disc, that will work on everything from their media servers to their smartphones in a variety of resolutions and file sizes. The idea is that within a few years the on-disc digital copy will be no more, and better yet, rentals can lead to purchases. If you like the movie, you can still grab a UV copy right off the disc for $5,$10,$15 whatever, creating new revenue streams for the studios. WIll it work? Who knows, but at least, so long as Apple doesn’t try to gum up the works, we will finally have one file, play anywhere functionality we’ve been waiting for.

Via: [Home Media Magazine]

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