SurgeX Introduces XU315-DC Surge Eliminator

Sections: Power management, Smart Home

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SurgeXIf you’ve invested a considerable fortune in home theater components, you’ll want to make sure they’re protected from Mother Nature’s nastiest ka-booms and light shows. The new XU315-DC from SurgeX should do the trick. The 315-DC offers a regenerated sign wave output with no interruption that will keep your components running even in the event of a power outage.

The XU315-DC features enhanced backup power that can handle a full load for five minutes and a half load for 12 minutes. The unit features a hot swappable battery system that provides voltage regulation even if batteries are weak or fully drained. The 315-DC also offers expandable battery packs that allow extended periods of runtime.

Other features of the XU315-DC include: load-shedding capabilities that remove power to non-essential devices, USB control and web interface with power management and diagnostic software, and
remote monitoring and control.

The XU315-DC is capable of completely eliminating and stopping surges of up to 6000 volts or 3000 amps, and may even protect your home on the off chance that a Nuclear Death Ray is launched from Mars (although we’re just guessing on that last one).

Price: $3,495.

For more information visit SurgeX or call 800.645.9721

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