“Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative” Sets New Standards for Active 3D Glasses

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Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, and XPAND 3D develop a new standard for active 3D glasses
Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, and X6D Limited (XPAND 3D) announced this morning a collaboration to develop a new technology standard for active 3D glasses. Dubbed the “Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative,” the agreement involves the “development and licensing of radio frequency (RF) system 3D active glasses technology, including RF system protocols between consumer 3D active glasses and 3D displays such as televisions, personal computers, projectors and 3D theaters with XPAND active shutter glasses.” The multiple IR protocols developed by Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, and XPAND 3D will also be included in the new standard.

The plan, according to the press release, is to release the standard in September, start developing the new standardized 3D glasses immediately thereafter, and begin releasing universal glasses in 2012, with backwards compatibility with all 2011-model 3D active HDTVs.

The one thing missing from the press release is some sort of comment on the fact that the 3D glasses currently produced by the companies involved all feature lenses with quite different tints. Will a new standard tint be agreed upon? I’ve asked, and you’ll get the answer when I do. But for the time being, this is very much a huge step in the right direction.

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