Sony DADC Blu-ray/DVD Warehouse Burns In London Riots

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Responsible for pressing and distributing Sony Blu-ray, DVD, and PlayStation game product, Sony DADC is an integral part of the company’s worldwide media operations, and today, London has lost its branch in a fire likely connected with the riots going on in the city for the last three days. According to the BBC, looters allegedly smashed in the door and started hauling out “Wii Consoles” (presumably PS3s) and other hardware and software as the fire burned. After punching the reporter, the gang ran off with their ill-gotten goods.

Since DADC also presses for many other studios and labels, this will strike a serious blow to the UK for the rest of the year, and will result in a major disruption until the plant can be rebuilt. Christmas title manufacturing usually begins in July, and it’s likely that there were millions of discs scheduled for September and beyond sitting in the warehouse waiting to go to market, and over 700 people will be laid off While no one has been reported killed or seriously injured as a result of the fire, our thoughts are with the families of the Sony family, and all those affected by the senseless destruction of the riots.

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