Runco Adds LS-1 Projector to LightStyle Series

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Runco LightStyle Series DLP LS-1Runco’s LightStyle Series of DLP projectors has gained a new model in the form of the LS-1. The new offering is a single-chip 1080p DLP projector priced at $3,995, and is expected to be available at authorized Runco dealers by early next week.

The LS-1 uses Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology to deliver improved color and detail and combines Runco’s SuperOnyx technology with ConstantContrast and ViVix proprietary digital video processing to achieve deep black levels and significant contrast well above 10:000:1. The projector also incorporates the ISF (Image Science foundation) calibration suite for optimal performance in various rooms and lighting conditions. Users can adjust the calibration tools to create day and night calibration memory settings. The LS-1 also features individual sharpness and noise reduction controls, programmable image memory selection keys, built-in test patterns, and has a dark room-optimized remote.

Runco also offers the LS-1 with Runco’s CineGlide lens solution, which enables a motorized, mechanical 2.35:1 anamorphic lens to move in front of the standard lens for perfect Scope reproduction. The CineGlide enables the viewer to switch from 16:9 content to 2.35:1 content without black bars on the top or side of the image with the touch of a button.

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