Velodyne Introduces New Wireless Subwoofer Solution

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Velodyne WiConnect SystemThe subwoofer is the life of any audio system, adding oomph, rumble, and rattle to your favorite movies, and giving your tunes their much-needed boom boom pow. But the subwoofer can be a messy afterthought to any audio system with wires dragged around the perimeter of the room to find the right placement.

This is where Velodyne’s WiConnect System — a high-speed wireless receiver and transmitter kit that lets any subwoofer cut the cord — comes in. You still have to plug the sub into a power source, but the subwoofer transmits to the receiver wirelessly for a less cluttered setup.

“Everyone wants to enjoy great bass in their home audio system, but no one wants the subwoofer and its cables and wires cluttering up the room,” said Bruce Hall, president of Velodyne. “The new wireless WiConnect System eliminates the need to have unsightly cables running around the room, by delivering high performance bass from any subwoofer via the system’s high-speed wireless receiver and transmitter. Now, users can simply connect the system to any home entertainment subwoofer and receiver and enjoy high performance bass without the hassle of hiding cables.”

The Velodyne WiConnect System delivers a full range of bass performance at up to 50 feet, which allows for flexibility in setup.

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