Fashionable 3D Glasses Machines Debut In San Diego

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Cinemark Theatres and UltraStar Cinemas have debuted new vending machines carrying stylish polarized 3D glasses for those who don’t find the standard throwaway pairs to be sexy enough for sitting in a dark room. Designer 3D glasses are nothing new, and have been produced for films like Tron, or even as official toys for Transformers 3.

While I have my doubts that these things will gain much of a foothold, I find it interesting that theaters are trying additional paths to revenue. In Japan, going to the movies is often more akin to going to the theater, and there’s a merchandise booth in the hallway selling programs, T-shirts, and other film related merchandise. Instead of fighting back against shorter theater-to-home-video windows, it’s probably better to look to tie-ins. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a pair of themed 3D glasses, a movie ticket, t-shirt, and the Blu-ray all in one shot at a nice discount? Go to AMC theaters and walk out with a voucher for the exclusive Steelbook version, or free popcorn for buying the deluxe edition. The possibilities are endless, and I hope the exhibition industry sees them before they’re really scraping.

Via: [Home Media Magazine]

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