Black Diamond Zero Edge Brings Flat Screen Aesthetic to Front Projection

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SI Black Diamond Zero Edge ScreenScreen Innovations has long had a reputation for eating the ambient light in your media room, and now they’re eating their bezel as well, making the projection screen just as sexy as any flat panel TV could ever hope to be.

The new Black Diamond Zero Edge carries a mere 6mm on a side, better than virtually any flat panel, comes ready for hanging on any wall, ready to go out of the box. and is available in gains from 0.8 to 1.4 (recommended for polarized or active 3D).

Black Diamond Zero Edge is the first affordable large flat-panel alternative, in custom diagonal sizes up to 142”. The Zero Edge ultra-thin rigid panel sets a new aesthetic standard – with a pencil-thin bezel, the projected image appears to float off the wall.

Among the multiple mounting options include recessed (unframed), flush-to, projected off the wall, or flying from cables for an incredibly sleek appearance.

There’s no assembly required — just unpack and hang.

Black Diamond Zero Edge coupled with the new Black Diamond G3 screen materials offers the most cutting edge screen technology money can buy.

Those with the bucks, and the giant wall to handle this beast, should click through the source link to find a local dealer for demonstrations and purchasing.

Via: [Screen Innovations]

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