Snazz Up Your Supervillain Lair (or Home Theater) with the Future Automation Sliding Panel System

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Let’s say you don’t want a giant TV hanging on the wall, either for aesthetic reasons, or because something that obvious might tip off Captain Hammer that you’re not quite as mild mannered as you’d like him to believe. Future Automation (whose introduction to the US market we previously covered here) has something for you. The new Sliding Panel System is almost invisible, and at the touch of a button, the door retracts and slides out of the way while the TV pushes forward to seamlessly blend with the wall.

The Sliding Panel System features a dual-motor system that moves a panel back and up, then pushes it forward into the space, offering an alternative to a traditional cabinet lift, saving floor space and creating a truly concealed product. Using a combination of AC and DC motors, belts and cables, the SPS effortlessly moves flat panels in and out of its enclosure quietly and smoothly. Available in two sizes, the SPS800 is ideal for flat panels from 26 to 50-inches, while the SPS1200 accommodates larger screens of 50 to 65-inches.

Typically a system like this is a totally custom job designed on site, costing more money than any of us cares to think about, but Future Automation hopes that by creating a flexible commercial solution that these kinds of installations can become more affordable, and reach out to markets and applications beyond home theater like safe concealment. The SPS800 is also in the running for Best New Product at next week’s CEDIA Expo.

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