Onkyo’s New iOnly Line

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Onkyo iOnly PlayThree new compact music players and docking systems designed for the iPod, iPhone, and IPad comprise Onkyo’s new iOnly family of products. These include iOnly Play (ABX-100), iOnly Stream (ABX-N300), and iOnly Bass (SBX-300).

The iOnly line is intended to offer convenience, practicality, and performance, while maintaining portability and affordability.

The first in the family expected to see the public, the iOnly Play, is designed specifically for iPod and iPhone devices. Play is a speaker bar designed for use on a shelf, table, or desktop. It has a flat-back exterior, brushed aluminum base and cover, and dimmable foot lighting. Tucked behind a sliding cover is a graphical LCD display and touch-screen control buttons.

The iOnly Bass is due out after Play. Bass is a docking port that provides solid support for an iPad. A pair of full-range speakers and tuned subwoofer port deliver sound for both audio and video being played on the iPad. While Bass provides robust sound, it remains portable, with a modest weight and comfortable aluminum handle to easily move from one location to another.

Both the iOnly Play and iOnly Bass feature precision-engineered amplifier circuitry, full-range speakers mounted in isolated enclosures, and Active Bass Control for rich, room-filling sound. Both models also include a wireless remote control. Onkyo’s iOnly Play and iOnly Bass will be available in October for $249 each.

Details on the Onkyo iOnly Stream were not disclosed. The device is expected in stores later this year.

Find out more details on the Onkyo iOnly family of products at Onkyo’s iOnly site.

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