CEDIA 2011: NAD Introduces Wireless DAC1

Sections: Audio, Streaming

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NAD's DAC 1 wireless digital-to-analog converterNAD Electronics introduced its point-to-point wireless audio solution in the DAC 1 this week at CEDIA. A wireless audio USB digital-to-analog converter, the DAC 1 works without the need of a wireless network using a transmitter that plugs directly into the USB port of a PC or Mac.

The point-to-point wireless audio transmits as an uncompressed 16/48 format for music. The transmitter serves as a sound card to digitally transmit audio to the DAC 1 and Hi-Fi system. The DAC 1 maintains a small form factor, measuring 5.3″ x 1.38″ x 2.75″, and weighs less than a pound. The unit operates at a range up to 120 feet; a typical home has a reach up to 75 feet.

“With NAD, sound quality is always paramount so in the DAC 1, we use a Burr-Brown 24/192 DAC and OP Amps,” says Greg Stidsen, director of technology and product planning at NAD. “A coax digital output is also included for downstream digital processing. The DAC 1 is a simple solution that will satisfy music lovers who want digital audio from their computer, yet with a quality Hi-Fi experience.”

NAD’s DAC 1 retails for $300. Get more information on the NAD Electronics web site.

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