CEDIA 2011: InstaPrevue Puts PiP For Every Input on Your AVR or DTV

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Hardcore Home Theater Enthusiasts usually don’t have a lot of trouble remembering what’s hooked up where, and we catalog the myriad inputs and devices in our heads and never have a problem remembering that the PS3 is on Input 2 on the HDMI switchbox, which is plugged into #3 on the AVR that’s on HDMI1 on the TV. Unfortunately, we have families who don’t quite share our encyclopedic knowledge of the rat’s nest behind the TV, and constantly complain that they can’t figure out how to get to Food Network in time for Top Chef.

Silicon Image has developed a system that manufacturers can put into their TVs so you can see what’s on every input in windows you can rearrange, resize, and switch to at will

“Anyone who has ever accidentally selected the wrong input when changing from their set-top box to their game console will appreciate the simplicity and usefulness of InstaPrevue. It’s like a video version of our successful InstaPort™ technology, which dramatically improves consumers’ ability to switch between HDMI inputs by reducing switching time to a single second,” said Alex Chervet, senior director of marketing at Silicon Image, Inc. “InstaPrevue technology is yet another example of Silicon Image’s “standards plus” approach offering our customers innovations over and above standard HDMI features. We expect our consumer electronics customers to embrace InstaPrevue technology as much as they have adopted InstaPort.”

For More information and a demonstration video, check out Silicon Image’s website.

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