CEDIA 2011: OmniMount Demos Play 40 Interactive Full Motion Mount

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TV mounts are kinda like girdles: most people don’t use them these days no matter how much they help, and even the people who really like them have to admit they’re best hidden and rarely sexy.

Consider OmniMount’s new Play 40 the Victoria’s Secret of mounts, then. A prototype of the new single-stud, full-motion, non-motorized mount is on display at the company’s booth at CEDIA, and the only way I could think to convey just how cool this thing is was to snag a video.

That’s Home Theater’s Darryl Wilkinson demonstrating just how it easy it is to tilt, pan, and move the Play 40 up and down. The mount is built on a spring-and-cantilever system that uses the display’s center of gravity to ensure smooth, stable, super-easy motion with next to no effort (and anyone who knows Darryl can tell you he wouldn’t have bothered modeling for me if it required any effort).

Look for the Play 40, which is designed to accommodate displays up to forty pounds, to hit the market soon for $299. A sister model, the Play 70, is designed for displays up to seventy pounds, and will retail for $349.

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OmniMount Play 40 Interactive Full Motion TV Mount

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