Emotiva Launches Professional Audio Line

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Emotiva Airmotiva 4, 5, and 6 monitorsUp to now, Emotiva Audio Corporation has been known for its line audiophile consumer electronics at direct prices. That’s about to change with the announcement of Emotiva Pro. Emotiva Pro is a new division that will offer high-performance professional audio components, specifically designed for studio and desktop musicians.

Emotiva is so confident that musicians will love their professional line of products that the company is offering a 30-day, in-studio trial period for its new Airmotiv self-powered, high-resolution monitoring systems. Airmotiv is available in three models:

Airmotiv 4: a compact model at only 9.4-inches high and 50 watts of internal bi-amplified power. The Airmotv 4 features 4.5-inch low-frequency drivers and dedicated LF amplification for bass as low as 52 Hz without the need for a subwoofer. The Airmotiy 4 could also function as a computer audio monitor or work well with a self-powered mini system.

Airmotiv 5: a larger monitor with a 5.25-inch woofer and 100 watts of bi-amplified power. The Airmotiv 5 also has dedicated amplifiers for high- and low-frequency drivers.

Airmotiv 6: Emotiva’s flagship monitor, the Airmotiv 6 boasts precision-matched drivers and 210 watts of bi-amplified internal power.

All models include a folded ribbon high-frequency transducer and both single-ended RCA and balanced XLR connections. The Airmotiv models also feature high frequency tilt control, and a low-frequency shelving control.

To learn more about Emotiva Pro or the 30-day free trial for Airmotiv monitors, visit Emotiva Pro or call 615.791.6254.

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