Paradigm/Anthem, Elan Home Systems, and Draper Make One Extreme Home Makeover Extra Special

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Brian Keefer on Extreme Makeover: Home EditionIf you caught the October 21 episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, you may have caught a glimpse of one of our favorite speaker companies gracing the walls of the Keefer family’s inspirational new home.

When a gymnastics accident left young Brian Keefer paralyzed from the neck down in 2008, his father Steve quit his job to dedicate the entirety of his time to his son’s recovery. The family’s beloved house became something of a prison for Brian, though, who found himself confined to only a few rooms on the bottom floor, so Ty and the rest of the extreme home makeover team did what they could to salvage a few key rooms of the old home, while making them more accessible to Brian and also designing an entirely new wing for him, complete with a voice activated Elan Home Systems automation system (allowing him to do on his own the little things we take for granted, like get himself a drink of water, turn on the lights, and take a shower), a monitoring system, and an aqua therapy pool right behind the motorized Draper screen of Brian’s new home theater.

And while the focus of the episode is of course on Brian’s story, as it should be, the tech geek and Paradigm fanboy in me couldn’t help but wonder exactly what Paradigm gear went into the house. So I asked. Turns out, there’s way more than made it onscreen. The home boasts a total of twelve PCS– and CS-series in-wall speakers, two Reference Millenia 20 on-wall LCR speakers, an X-300 in-wall amplifier, Stylus 270 and Rock Monitor outdoor speakers, as well as an Anthem MRX-300 receiver (I knew I recognized that volume slider!) and PVA 4 amp.

If you missed it and want to check out the episode, it’s available for the next month at Hulu. And for more details on the gadgets, doodads, and nifty home tech used in the project, check out ABC’s “As Featured On” page for the episode.

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