From the Minds that Brought You the iPod: a New… Thermostat?

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The Nest Learning ThermostatEngadget has the scoop on a nifty new product from Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers, longtime Senior VP and lead engineer of Apple’s iPod division, respectively. Dubbed “the Nest,” this super slick little smart thermostat is set to hit the market next month for $249, and if that sounds a little high, consider all that it does: The Nest employs six sensors to monitor temperature, ambient light, humidity, and motion, and uses that information to not only predict your family’s routines and intelligently adjust temperature settings to match the way you live, but also make real-time adjustments should you break from the routine. That’s the sort of smart HVAC control that up until now required a super-advanced (read: super-expensive) home automation system.

Not surprisingly, the Nest relies on the tried-and-true click-wheel technology that made the original iPod so easy to use, and also boasts color feedback — the screen glows red when the system is heating, and blue when it’s cooling. It’s also wi-fi enabled, and supports a nifty iOS app (with an Android app in the works), as well as password protection and minimum/maximum temperature limits.

Will it take off? Who knows? But combine this puppy with Lutron’s new ultra-affordable battery-powered cellular shades, and you’ve got the makings of the sort of home automation that was strictly the domain of the ultra-rich just a few years ago. We live in the future, folks.

Via: [Engadget]

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