Paradigm Introduces Monitor Series 7 Subwoofers

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Paradigm Monitor Series Subs

We first reported on Paradigm’s updated Monitor Series back in August . Now the company is back with the perfect complement for that line of center, surround, and floorstanding speakers: Monitor Series 7 Subwoofers.

The Monitor Series subs are available in three varieties: eight-inch ($699), 10-inch ($849), and 12-inch ($999). The subs feature the same small footprint and streamlined look of the Monitor Series 7 speakers. All three feature a single-driver design; SUB 8 and SUB 10 include mineral-filled polypropylene cones with corrugated Santoprene surrounds, while the SUB 12 features a two-inch, four-layer copper-clad aluminum voice coil, with a 6.5-pund ferrite magnet, and dual Nomex spiders with a AVS die-cast heat sink chassis. All models have Ultra-Class D amplifiers capable of delivering 900 watts of Dynamic Peak and 300 watts of sustained power.

Owners will be able to daisy chain up to four Monitor subwoofers by adding Paradigm’s optional PT-2 transmitter. The subs also include an integrated USB port for use with Paradigm’s Perfect Bass Kit. The PBK identifies problem areas in the room and ensures the correct EQ curve. The Monitor Series 7 Subs are available in the same black ash finish as the rest of the Monitor series speakers.

For more information visit Paradigm or call 905.564.1994.

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