New Digital Subwoofer from Meridian

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Meridian DSW Digital Active SubwooferMeridian is releasing its new DSW subwoofer as part of its range of Meridian Digital Sound Processing (DSP) Loudspeakers. The The DSW subwoofer is optimized for both music and Meridian Digital Theatre. It also features connectivity with Meridian’s SpeakerLink.

The sub’s DSP and active technologies promise to deliver full, authentic bass with room-filling performance to enhance both music and movie soundtracks. The technology monitors signal, volume level, and temperatures to provide advanced bass and thermal protection. Meridian has built the DSW subwoofer with the ability to play louder, longer, and without fear of driver damage or breakdown in performance.

The subwoofer’s design is modern, with a white high-gloss finish that’s friendly to Apple product design and designed to match the Meridian DSP Loudspeakers. It’s a departure from the square, black boxes that complement most home theater sound systems.

SpeakerLink gives the DSW wireless connectivity that’s easy-to-install and simple-to-connect to Meridian Surround Controllers, Audio Core 200, and other DSP Loudspeakers. Connectivity can be configured from an attached Surround Controller or Audio Core 200, eliminating the need for a control interface.

A connector panel is discretely located to ensure that all cable connections, including power, are easily made but don’t add clutter.

The Meridian DSW Digital Active Subwoofer will be available starting in October and sell for $5,000 each. Find more information on the DSW Digital Active Subwoofer on Meridian‘s website.

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