Microsoft’s Big CES Reveal: KinectTV?

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For years, Microsoft’s CES presence has leaned heavily on its Windows Media Center module designed to be used with TVs and projectors (the “ten-foot experience,” they call it), but at this year’s show, rumor has it that they may be taking that experience to a newer, more integrated platform. Kinect enabled televisions may be the big hook, according to The Daily.

Vizio, and even Sony are said to be in talks for the system, but interestingly enough, longtime Microsoft TV partner Samsung is talking to Google at the same time. Will this simply take the form of video chat and voice and gesture commands on the existing CE front ends, or will third time be the charm for Microsoft’s attempts to enter the living room? I have trouble believing that Sony would be too interested in steering users to LIVE instead of their own online stores, but we’ll see. All will likely be revealed in about six weeks at CES, so stay tuned, and when the sets eventually come, hopefully you won’t want one this badly

Via: [The Daily]

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