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Well, Ultraviolet has certainly had a bumpy launch, with WB jumping the gun and moving out on their own with their Flixster app. While Sony will join the UV train with The Smurfs in a few weeks, it’s a shame that a single app and — more importantly — easy, in-app account creation couldn’t have been in place for the less technically able customers. So to get more people to try out the somewhat less bumpy service, Flixster is offering you a free movie for some likes. Click on the site through IE9, pin it to your browser, “love” it, and a free movie is yours. Playback of the movie requires either an app for your IOS/Android device, or the installation of the Flixster app and Adobe AIR on PC/Mac.

You can choose from:

Matchstick Men
Dog Day Afternoon
Austin Powers
Lethal Weapon
Mars Attacks!
17 Again
Michael Clayton
Looney Tunes: Back in Action
Demolition Man
Mortal Kombat

While no settop boxes yet play UltraViolet content, they are expected in 2012 (along with upgrades to existing devices), but a free movie is a free movie right? It’s just the thing for when your flight to Aunt Bertha’s gets grounded and you have to spend several lifetimes in the airport waiting to wear uncomfortable clothes, visit uncomfortable relatives, and fake-smile over that umpteenth pair of socks (better get a comedy).

Via: [Flixster]

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  • mark

    I just went through the process of signing up for a) facebook b)untraviolate then… through the sign-up process via rotten tomatoes (flickster) and was then informed that its only open to residents of USA (Iam in the UK) What a bloody waste of time and energy for nothing! These sites really should state availability/terms to people at the beginning of the rather tedious process. Perfect way to drive people away from your website as i’m now disinclined to return and use rotten tomatoes, flickster or facebook!


    need more apps for free movies on ps3