Runco Introduces New Ultra Versions of D-73d, LS-HB, Q-750d & Q-1500d Projectors

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Runco D-73d ProjectorRunco has brought to market new versions of several of its projectors, designed for longer throw, better color, and more versatility in installation. The 3Dimension D-73d Ultra, LightStyle LS-HB Ultra, QuantumColor Q-750d Ultra and QuantumColor Q-1500d Ultra. Runco has recognized that many of the home theaters being built today aren’t dedicated, and many people want constructions that vanish into their living rooms, but come out on movie night just as ripping as a dedicated room. With throw distances of 2.4-4.00, these projectors are designed to be installed in a variety of locations in the room, and be more transparent to the home’s decor for a high Wife Acceptance Factor. So guys, if you’ve got a good Christmas bonus coming, then you’ve still got 18 days to plot and scheme your way into a new toy, so get moving!

Via: [Runco]

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