Wisdom Audio to Demo Insight Series Speakers at CES

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Wisdom Audio Insight In-wallsWisdom Audio will be featuring its new Insight Series in-wall speakers at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. The Insight Series includes four in-wall models, one in-ceiling speaker, and two subwoofers. The line will debut in the first quarter of 2012 and will later expand to include on-wall models. The range of speakers will retail for under $1500 per speaker.

Newly-developed planar magnetic, thin-film drivers set the Insight Series apart from other speakers manufactured by Wisdom. Also new is the fact that the Insight Series utilizes traditional passive crossovers for use with a single amplifier channel per speaker, in contrast to the sophisticated active crossover/calibration systems that come with the Sage and Wisdom series.

For more information on the Insight Series visit Wisdom Audio. And for more insight on Wisdom Audio, hop on over to Residental Systems for an inside look at the company’s headquarters from HomeTechTell’s own Dennis Burger.

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