Control4 MyHome Makes Its Way to Android Devices

Sections: Green Home Tech, HVAC, Lighting control, Power management, Remote control, Security, Smart Home

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Control4 MyHomeAndroid owners itching for the functionality and flexibility of Control4 home automation can rest easy: Control4 MyHome is now available on the Android Market. MyHome allows users with a Control4 automation system to tinker with the lights, adjust the HVAC system, monitor energy, work the security system, stream music and movies — and all of the other things Control4 is known for — from the comforts of the computer, smartphone, or tablet, and Android functionality is something that installers have been itching for for quite some time now.

Scratching that itch sounds a little pricey at first blush — although the app is a free download, to unlock its potential you or your integrator will have to spring for a $499 license ($199 if you only want to use one device) — but considering the fact that that your Nexus S or Xoom Tablet can now do everything a much more expensive touchscreen remote can do, the license fee kinda looks like a bargain.

Download Control4 MyHome now from the Android Market and play around with it. Don’t blame me if you find yourself in the market for a Control4 system after checking it out, though.

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