Apple Reportedly Showing TV-Related Prototypes of Some Sort to Content Companies

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has been making the rounds to media and content companies in recent weeks showing off, or at least discussing, tentative features found in prototypes of the almost-certainly-coming iTV. People with knowledge of the meetings say that the idea is to use an Apple device, presumably an iPhone or iPad, as the transmission center of media content in the house via AirPlay.

How content is delivered to the device, whether it will interface with existing cable or broadcast, or be locked to some kind of app, remains to be seen, but what all sources appear adamant about is that it will feature Siri voice-based, as well as camera -based controls in some form, and the ability to use your iOS device as a remote. The real question is how much this initial model will differentiate itself from Microsoft’s already proven offering in features and performance, how long it takes them to match or pass Microsoft’s offering, and whether the desire to pay the “Apple tax” will extend beyond the faithful, and into the average family’s living room.

Via: [Wall Street Journal]


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