iTunes Gets Extras with The Avatar iTunes Extras Special Edition

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Buying digital typically means movie-only, but starting today, December 20th, you can pick up your 15th copy of Avatar with some exclusive interactive bonus material from iTunes. Using the same engine developed for the less than successful (with advertisers and consumers) iAd program, viewers can explore their way through scenes, peeling back the layers of digital manipulation from green screen motion capture to final product. Also included for those who buy instead of rent (and at 7GB SD/12GB HD, who would go through that pain for a rental?), you also get the screenplay, a novelization style scriptment, and a 1700-strong image gallery.

“Digital platforms like iTunes usher in new ways to interact with and watch movies like Avatar,” said Aubrey Freeborn, senior vice president of Marketing and Product Management for Worldwide VOD and Electronic Sell-Through, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. “These new interactive features enhance the experience and encourage digital ownership.”

While these features are definately cool, the part about eating up 5% of many people’s bandwidth allowance for the month (not to mention hours and hours and hours of downloading) for some extras doesn’t sound that great to me, and that this technology would sound a lot more at home on a Google/Apple/Microsoft TV platform as a digital copy housed on Disc 2 of a special edition. Maybe I’m just an old fogey, but it just seems like such a huge time and bandwidth investment for something you’re going to look at once, when you could have a full 1080p experience with a Blu-ray for less money. Time will tell if this newfangled gagetry catches on; in the meantime I’ll keep stroking my CED collection, because like vinyl, it’s totally due for a comeback.

Please note that this version willl only work on PC or Mac platforms, and not iOS devices.

Avatar is now available for $14.99 SD/$19.99 HD.

Via: [Digital Media Wire]

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