ivee Voice Controlled Bedside Assistant Lets You Really Tell the Alarm Clock to Shut Up

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When I first heard the full name of the ivee Bedside Assistant and heard its dulcet voice, I was thinking of a very different product than an alarm clock. Scheduled to be shown in January at CES, ivee is a voice-controlled alarm clock that eliminates all the fumbling with buttons, and making sure the rocker switch is in the right position. Instead, ivee lets you tell it — literally, tell it with your voice — exactly what time you want to get up, and then order it to sing you to sleep.

One must hope that the army of dogs, babies, and attack helicopters obviously attacking our poor dorm room hero in the video are not waiting for you in the morning when you say something rude to your robotic sleep overlord instead of kindly thanking her for the wakeup call. While she may not be as entertaining as Apple’s Siri, ivee looks like it’s a lot better than the air raid siren that currently rousts me from slumber, and we can all fear the next generation of technology, where they successfully generate an AI that can emulate your mother getting you up for school.

Seriously, though, what’s the world of technology coming to? The hottest CE product of the year is a thermostat, and one of the coolest new toys we’ve seen in ages is an alarm clock? What’s next? A revolutionary new toaster?

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