Tranquil MMC-12 Fanless HTPC Now Available from the UK

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One of the toughest jobs of any HTPC builder is eliminating noise, and most of the noise from the average PC comes from the multitude of fans that keep the internal components cool. On top of that, even the best cases tend to come in at something more akin to a receiver in size, weight, heat, and power consumption than something like a Blu-ray player.

The smaller or cooler you make something, typically the more expensive it is, and nothing says that like the new Tranquil MMC-12, which is now available for international shipping from the UK for approximately $1000. Inside this bad boy is a Core i3 processor, an expandable 4GB of RAM, Gigabit Ethernet, 80GB hard drive, Windows 7 Home Premium, a pair each of USB 3.0/2.0 ports, analog audio out, and HDMI/DVI support. Additional options for more money include the upgrade to a Core i5 processor, an external drive enclosure for up to 4 hard drives ($430), or a Blu-ray drive. No TV tuner is included; you have to pick up a USB one that typically run $70-100. Want to roll your own? The chassis with no hardware or software is available for $425. Full specs are available at the source link

This unit is likely not aimed at the average consumer, costing almost $2000 by the time it’s fully tricked out, and is likely targeted more at the Kaleidescape crowd who wants the power of an HTPC out of the box without the hassle or the tweaking, and for whom the sticker price isn’t much of a deterrent. Stare and drool my friends, I’ll go back to mounting giant heatsinks on my 45w CPUs and cursing when it won’t fit in the case right.

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