Gibson Guitars Buys Majority Stake of Onkyo USA, Piece of Onkyo Japan

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In support of their new Pro Audio divison, Gibson Guitars has brought a big piece of Onkyo USA, and a good chunk of Onkyo Japan (pending Japanese regulatory approval). Doing so gives them an instant patent pool of solid audio technology to go with their musical instrument know-how, and in my experience, Gibson is, unlike many American brands, extremely popular in Japan, with one of their biggest artists being the only non-English speaker to have a signature Les Paul.

Together, Onkyo and Gibson will launch a new consumer electronics initiative in Hong Kong:

Onkyo makes some of the world’s best audio equipment, and this partnership will give Gibson the ability to bring a deeper and more enhanced audio experience to music lovers around the world,” says Juszkiewicz. “While people may be listening to more music, they are listening to it primarily in a severely compressed format.  The aural disparity between a real system and compressed sound is vast, and as a result, they are simply not hearing tremendously rich sounds. With Onkyo, our goal is to bring the same exceptional experience artists demand in the studio to a larger consumer base.”

So Gibson is going to be making some killer amps with Onkyo technology. Me? I’m hoping to see quarter inch Hi-Z guitar inputs on every receiver from now on, complete with FX pedal processing. Who cares about room acoustic simulation when you can have a killer flanger?

Via: [PRNewswire]

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