CES 2012: LG Expands on the Smart Home with ThinQ Networked Appliances

Sections: Green Home Tech, Power management, Smart Home

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Does your fridge text you to tell you the milk has gone bad? LG’s new refridgerator can. You can also monitor the washing machine on your stove, find out the oven is preheated on the dryer, and start the robot vacuum from the convenience of your smartphone. The LCD panel on your fridge can be programmed with what food is inside, where it’s located, expiration dates, and even recipes you can make with what’s inside.

Variable electricity rates are coming, and these appliances are ready for it, allowing you to program the optimum time for your equipment to run to save you money. Power cheap at 2AM? Load the washer, go to bed and it comes on automatically. While your house may become self-aware at some point in the future, force you to eat healthy, wash your clothes after midnight, and live under the vacuum’s iron fist, today they will serve you, and preheating notifications are coming to a smartphone, or a fridge, near you this spring.

Source: LG

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