James Bond Has Returned…In a Complete Blu-ray Box

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A few years back, MGM released a slew of James Bond movies on Blu-ray, the flow of which stopped after two waves, leaving a lot of the great ones like Goldeneye MIA. Now, for Bond’s 50th Anniversary, and Daniel Craig’s newest reboot of the reboot, Skyfall, MGM and Fox are releasing the latest catalog box set that’s too wide to fit on your shelf, Bond 50.

Containing all 22 existing films, 130 hours of extras (we’re assuming every commentary is counted as a full running time), the only thing that’s not here is the original Casino Royale, and the Sean Connery remake of Thunderball, Never Say Never Again, neither of which count in the official Bond canon.

“With all 22 feature films available on Blu-ray in one collection for the first time this is a great way for fans to catch up on 007’s epic journey before Skyfall hits theaters next Fall,” said Michael Brown, Senior Vice President, MGM Home Entertainment.  “Now viewers can enjoy the intense action of the innovative franchise in the most immersive home experience possible.”

“We have a whole program of exciting activities planned for our 50th anniversary year, beginning with today’s announcement, by Fox, of the release of all 22 films on Blu-ray for the very first time,’’ added Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, with Eon Productions.  “We are also delighted that Fox has unveiled a specially designed anniversary poster which we hope the fans will love as much as we do. Our website, will be regularly updated with all the latest anniversary news and events.”

While there is no release date, scuttlebutt would put it sometime in the September timeframe to ride some early Christmas action, and make sure there’s plenty of time to milk it before the new movie comes out. You can pre-order your copy today for $199 at with free 2-day shipping

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