CES 2012: ioSafe Cranks Up the Cage of Death

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CES is such a monstrously huge show, you can spend eight hours a day on the floor for a solid week (and I have), and still come away feeling like you haven’t really seen anything. And in the midst of all that noise, it can be tough for any company that isn’t a household name to draw in the spectators, especially a company whose demo is way off-site.

ioSafe, makers of nigh-indestructible hard drives, figured out a way to draw crowds to its spectacle this year: the company’s reps sent out mysterious invitations to a mysterious demo dubbed the “Cage of Death.”

How could I not sneak away from the packed Central Hall of the LVCC to check that out?

Upon entering the warehouse where the demo was set up, ioSafe’s CEO asked us to put our sensitive electronics in a small Faraday cage at the back of the room, explained that it would be zapping its new Rugged Portable SSD drives (also completely waterpoof, by the way) with a million volts of electricity from a giant Tesla coil (we’re talking Command & Conquer level awesomeness here). After creating a unique file (with input from the journalists in attendance on random sentences and numbers we could remember), we were all herded into a much larger Faraday cage, and then…

Well, this happened (be sure to watch in high-def and fullscreen):

After which the drive was plugged back into a computer, and the file (along with all the other data on the drive) was found to be perfectly intact.

Now that’s how you do a demo.

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