Sanus Now Shipping High-Speed HDMI Cables with Pivoting Head

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Custom installers rejoice!

Any installer who has ever had their perfect home theater design ruined by a hard-to-reach connection should should send a thank-you note to the folks at Sanus.

All those people who got a shiny new flat-panel display from Santa? The same people who then had to pull off some Nadia Comăneci-style gymnastics to get that HDMI cable in the back of the set? You need to thank Sanus too.

I now present to you the Sanus Pivoting HDMI Cable!


This baby features a 180-degree pivoting connector and comes in three lengths: 3.3, 6.6, and 9.5 feet. Each cable is compatible with 3D TVs and components, and includes an integrated Ethernet channel for high-speed Internet connectivity without the need for a separate cable. The pivoting HDMI cables support 10-bit, 12-bit, and 16-bit color depths and can handle resolutions of 1080p and higher. The cables are also made of a flexible material for easy routing during installation.

The  3.3-foot cable is $19.99, the 6.6-foot cable is $24.99, and the 9.5-foot cable is $34.99. For more information visit Sanus or call 800.359.5520.


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