Review: AudioSource S3D60 SoundBar with Sonic Emotion 3D Sound

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AudioSource S3D60 SoundBar with Sonic Emotion 3D Sound

You buy a soundbar because you know you should be getting better sound out of your TV, but you might not have the brains, time, or cash on hand to hook up an expensive surround sound system.

I happen to fall into all three of those categories, so the AudioSource S3D60 Soundbar with Sonic Emotion 3D Sound was perfect for me. It’s one long 38-inch speaker, and you can connect it to your TV in a number of ways with just one cable, no receiver needed. Just mount it on the wall under your TV and you’ve got room-engulfing sound.

The difference was instantly obvious. The Sonic Emotion technology produces clear sound throughout the room and I could really feel the depth of the sound field. Add in the soundbar’s six high-efficiency drivers and undistorted bass from the dual subwoofers and I was set to spend the weekend in couch potato bliss.

Setup was really easy. The inputs on the back are so simple that even I could figure out what to do. I used a standard composite cable to connect the RCA port right into my cable box, turned on the power and got great sound. There is also an Aux In so I could plug my MP3 player, smartphone, or laptop right into the soundbar itself. In addition there are Optical and Line Out ports.

The small remote control is as easy to use as they come. There are buttons for volume up, volume down, and mute. I would have liked one half-step between the quietest and next quietest volume (is that a fair criticism or do I just need to man up?). Next there are three settings to optimize performance: movie, normal, or music. The last three buttons allow you to switch between Aux, RCA, and Optical so the soundbar can remain plugged in to multiple sources.

That was all it took, and now I get sad every time I turn on my TV without the soundbar and hear the tinny, bassless sounds that come out of the built-in speakers.

If you’re not a professional audio geek, and you’re not into having wires dangling all over your home, and you value bang for your buck, I recommend you pick up a soundbar. With a MSRP of $349, the AudioSource S3D60 is a great choice. You won’t ever be able to go back to those built-in TV speakers.

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