Tech^2 Review: V-Moda Faders

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Photo courtesy of Geoffrey Morrison

My buddy Geoff has just posted a review of a product we both picked up at this year’s CES: V-Moda’s Faders — tuned earplugs designed to stylishly protect your precious hearing in noisy environments.

It’s rare for any company to discuss a health problem associated with their industry. This makes V-MODA’s new line of Fader earplugs a welcome curiosity.

They claim to be “designed and tuned by professional DJs, producers and doctors.” As in, not the hard high-end cut offered by foam earplugs.

Ok, sounds like something I’d like, but where to test them. . .

Of the storied clubs on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, perhaps none is more infamous than The Viper Room. The black on black on black decor has all the visual appeal of an unlit cave, but you don’t go for the ambience. You go for the music.

Do the Faders suffice to protect his hearing during the onslaught of Former Future’s hard-rocking aural attack? Read the rest of Geoff’s review to find out.

Via: [Tech^2]

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