Enter ioSafe’s Doomsday Contest and Win a 500GB Rugged Portable Hard Drive

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Remember ioSafe, makers of not only some of the most rugged hard drives we’ve ever seen, but also the folks behind the “Cage of Death” — the most tantalizing (not to mention dangerous!) demo at CES?

Which of course raises the question: how do you top zapping a hard drive with a million volts of electricity to prove its toughness?

How about staging the apocalypse?

Okay, so maybe the guys at ioSafe aren’t actually orchestrating the end of the world, but they’re certainly hopping on the latest apocalyptic phenomenon that’s sweeping the interwebs: reports of weird noises being heard and recorded around the (marketable western) globe.

From the ioSafe blog:

Whatever the source the noises may be, one thing is for sure: if an extinction-level event is just around the corner, you’ll want to make sure that your data is backed up on an apocalypse-proof1 ioSafe – and you could win one, easy!

Yes, that’s right, you could win a super-tough 500GB ioSafe Rugged Portable to protect your data from whatever 2012 may bring!

Note to humorless and overly-litigious readers: this post is tongue-in-cheek. We have not field-tested our products against geomagnetic reversals, black holes, marauding sasquatches, Chuck Norris or hellfire and make no claims that they will survive these or similar doomsday scenarios.

To enter, head over to the ioSafe blog and let them know what you think is behind this latest spooky phenomenon.

Contest entry page: [Win a hard drive in our doomsday contest and apocalypse-proof your data!]

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