Vizio Releases Final Details on 21:9 Televisions

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After teasing us last month at CES, Vizio has finalized the specs on its new ultra-wide 21:9 televisions. Closely approximating the standard CinemaScope 2.39:1 ratio, these new televisions allow you to crop and scale ultra-widescreen films to eliminate the black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. Launching initially as a 58-incher, the set will run $3499 when it hits stores next month. Packed with a full suite of internet apps, a Bluetooth remote with integrated keyboard, and passive-retarded half-resolution 3D, the edge-lit set pokes only 1.8 inches out from your wall, making it one of the the thinnest HDTVs available, the set will be supplemented by 50 and 70 inch versions by Christmastime next year.

Vizio has mentioned several times in the past their desire to move out of the bargain and into the high end television market, but this, their first stab at a true enthusiast product, seems to be at best a questionable one.  The people who want a 21:9 system, and can drop $3500 on a new TV, probably already have something set up. People can buy top-end bigger TVs, with full-resolution 3D, either in plasma or sectored LED backlighting, for under $2000 if you shop around.  So is there a market for this set? I don’t know, and I don’t know if Vizio knows either, but they certainly feel it’s worth a shot

Via: [LA Times]

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