Simpsons Celebrates 500 Episodes With LA Marathon and Fabulous Prizes

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500 episodes. Only a handful of TV shows have ever reached that milestone, and The Simpsons, now in its 23rd season, hits it next Sunday.  Fox wants to break the record they last set by marathoning all of “24” in 2010 by showing every episode of The Simpsons in order until only one remains. The current record, set by the three delirious individuals that made, it is 86 hours, 6 minutes, and 41 seconds for 24, would be broken sometime during the 11th season of the show, and were they able to avoid the funnyfarm long enough to go the distance, they’ll be sitting pretty for 190 hours+, or just under 8 days without sleep.

The bad news is that while you may get the TV watching crown, it still puts you over 10 days under the record for going without sleep (snoozing disqualifies you from the prize). Those who don’t want to go for the gold (or yellow in this case) can still drop in and out of the marathon at the Hollywood and Highland complex,  and still enjoy a museum of cels and other memorabilia from the show’s long long run.

The “winner.” if there can be such a thing, will receive $10,500, and a cornucopia of Simpsons Swag. Sadly, no hotel room with soft soft pillows seems to be included, but perhaps there’s at least a  Simpsons sheet and comforter set?

Via: [Home Media Magazine]

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