Neil Young Was Working on an Audiophile iPod with Steve Jobs

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According to Neil Young, he and Steve Jobs were working on an audiophile-level iPod before Jobs’ death:

Steve Jobs was a pioneer of digital music, but when he went home he listened to vinyl,” Young said during an interview at the D: Dive Into Media technology conference. He and Jobs were apparently both concerned with the dearth of high-quality listening formats for audiophiles, and the two men met to work on new hardware that could store the large music files Young prefers. Since Jobs’s death in October, Young complained, there is “not much going on”.

I’m not the biggest fan of Steve Jobs, but when he put his mind to something, and decided that it would happen, it happened. The new brass probably has little interest in what they see as a vanity project, though, preferring to keep the status quo. While there are some legal download sites for hi-res music, to be successful and to actually catch on in a big way, it needs something like iTunes and a sermon from one of Apple’s press conference pulpits.

The piece goes on to talk about how file sizes are a big hinderence to making a portable player, and they’re right. Hard drive-based iPods are really fragile, and having a good sized box would require either Apple (the instigator, but not the sole offender by a long shot) to admit it has been charging ludicrous premiums on flash memory, or *gasp* actually let you insert external memory cards.

Via: [The Guardian]

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