Blu-ray Movie Review: In Time

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In Time is one of those films with a really, really cool premise that just doesn’t live up to its promise. In the movie’s alternate future, time has become the commodity of trade—everyone lives to age 25, and after that point, they either die or buy more time to stay that age. This creates an economic disparity in which the rich can stay 25 seemingly forever (as long as they don’t meet up with any accidents), while the poor regularly drop dead in the streets.

Justin Timberlake plays Will, a man living in the time “ghetto” who gets a surprise boost of his personal time. This puts him in danger—from the “Timekeepers” (this world’s police), the rich, the poor and the criminals. The film’s main problem is that once the world is established and Will gets rich in time, it becomes a pretty standard chase film as he and Amanda Seyfried, fetching in an auburn bob wig as rich girl Sylvia, run from the law and become a sort of sci-fi Bonnie and Clyde.

In Time has its share of thrills, cool puns (“time is money”, etc.), and some good acting (Timeberlake is fine and Cillian Murphy rules as the Timekeeper on his trail) but the allegorical play on today’s economic situation ultimately overwhelms the thin story. Also, it’s a little blah visually—the world looks the same as ours, only drabber, and maybe that’s the point. Still, a good renter on the strength of the concept and some fun action and thrills.

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