Bowers & Wilkins Announces New Options for Mini Theatre Systems

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With its Mini Theatre System, Bowers & Wilkins has been trying to prove that bigger isn’t always better in the world of home theater speakers. The Mini Theatre packs a considerable punch in a small package and now Bowers & Wilkins is giving the line more powerful speakers and additional finish options.

The focal point of the Mini Theatre has always been the M-1 Loudspeaker. The M-1 has been completely redesigned and has been spruced up with new drive units, an in-house designed tweeter, and a bass/mid-range driver that uses Bowers & Wilkins’ Anti-Resonance Plug (first available on their high-end PM1 loudspeaker). The M-1 now has full-range performance that is suitable in both surround and stereo configurations. The M-1 will also benefit from new cable terminations, and owners will have table-top and wall-mounted setup options out of the box with a floor stand available separately.

Bowers & Wilkins is also updating the Mini Theatre’s already-friggin-cool PV1D subwoofer. The PV1D gains a dynamic EQ circuit as well as new drive units and amplification. The subwoofer is capable 7.5 Hz at plus or minus 3dB. The PV1D’s controls have also been enhanced — users can use the on-board OLED display and touch button array, or pilot the unit with SubApp PC software.

The other subwoofer in the Mini Theatre lineup (ASW608) also gets an upgrade. While the internal components remain the same, this subwoofer is now available in a matte white finish.

Updated Mini Theatre components and systems will be available in early 2012 at the following price points:

M-1: $250/ea.
PV1D: $1,700
ASW608: $500
M-1 floor stand: $150/ea.
MT-50: $1,750
MT-60D: $2,950

For more information visit Bowers & Wilkins or call 978.664.2870.

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