Blu-ray Movie Review: What’s Your Number?

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What's Your Number? Blu-ray

Eh. The raunchy chick flick What’s Your Number had the misfortune to come out in the same year as a top-grossing, well-reviewed raunchy chick flick, Bridesmaids, which mined a lot of the same territory but was far more believable and funny.

In this outing, Anna Farris of the Scary Movie franchise plays the Sarah Jessica Parker/Kate Hudson role, the great girl who just can’t find Mr. Right (even though, of course, he’s living just a few doors away, played by Chris Evans aka Captain America—sorry for the spoiler). Taking inventory of the men she’s slept with (her “number” of the title), Farris goes about reconnecting with some of these men to see if any of them is “the one” (even though he’s right in front of her cute little nose).

As she is out of work (and Evans seems to be an unemployed musician with plenty of time to follow her around—platonically, of course) and living in a huge New York apartment, this a less believable fantasy than the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Seriously, what planet does this movie take place on? Farris is an appealing comedienne, and there are a few cute lines, but we’ve seen this a million times.

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