Siri + Control4 = Voice Activated Home Automation

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In case you haven’t noticed, we live in the future already, although some of us are getting there a little quicker than others. YouTube user jth864, for example — I figure he’s at least a good six months ahead of the rest of us. And no, you can’t ask him about sports scores. But I’m sure he could tell you a thing or two about voice-activated home control with his combination of Siri and Control4. Check this out:

He also has another video showing the integration of Siri and Control4 with his Paradox security system.

I checked with Control4’s PR firm to see if this is legit/possible/doable by regular humans (hey, you have to be skeptical in an age where woolly mammoth videos are showing up in “the news”), and it turns out it’s on the level. It’s all tied in through the Control4 MyHome app. A little digging on the C4Forums and I found a post by a Control4 guru explaining how it’s done (or at least how he does it), using a combination of proxy servers, Ubuntu, and a Control4 plugin.

If someone could just get Siri to do a convincing impersonation of Majel Barrett Roddenberry, this could drive sales of Control4 systems in the nerd sector through the roof (not to mention result in an explosion of bad Jean-Luc Picard impressions). For the time being, though, I guess the rest of us will have to settle for touching capacitive screens with our actual fingers to control the lights throughout the home. That just seems so retro now.

Via: [@newscaster]

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