Blu-ray Review: A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas

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Of course it’s stupid—relentlessly, unapologetically stupid. But unlike other ridiculous sequels (The Hangover II, anyone?) A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas knows it’s stupid, and revels in it. For example, the way it makes fun of the overuse of 3D is hysterical—the movie constantly throws stuff at the you, for no other reason than “It’s 3D, MAN!”

The story, such as it is, finds our stoner heroes, Harold and Kumar, somewhat grown up—well, at least Harold is, with a wife, a baby on the way, and a respectable job. Kumar, on the other hand, hasn’t matured one bit. Chance brings them back together in a quest for a perfect Christmas tree, and the hijinks are underway.

A perfectly pitched cameo from Neil Patrick Harris doesn’t disappoint, and Tom Lennon (of Reno: 911 fame) is the king of comedic supporting actors these days. Other highlights (lowlights?) include a waffle-spewing robot (seriously, Wafflebot is awesome), a drug-addicted toddler, and other completely politically incorrect touches.

Once again, it’s stupid (as a Christmas movie out in February should be) but funny. Visually, it’s not too shabby with the requisite holiday colors and some decent effects (there’s a cool animated sequence involving a giant monster, Rankin-Bass style). And yeah, you will have the munchies by the time you reach the heartwarming final act, which involves a foul-mouthed, stoner Santa.

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