Blu-ray Movie Review: Doors –‭ ‬Mr.‭ ‬Mojo Risin‭’‬: The Story of L.A.‭ ‬Woman‭

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The Doors‭’ ‬1971‭ ‬L.A.‭ ‬Woman album marked many milestones for the classic‭ ‬1960s band —  it was their last LP with Jim Morrison‭ (‬before he moved to Paris and died there at age‭ ‬27‭)‬,‭ ‬it was their first album without longtime producer Paul Rothchild,‭ ‬it was their first with an outside bass player‭ (‬Elvis sideman Jerry Scheff‭)‬,‭ ‬and,‭ ‬as this documentary points out,‭ ‬it was a decisive shift to a more basic blues style.‭

Sadly,‭ ‬while it seemed to signal the beginning of a new era,‭ ‬it was actually the end of one.‭ ‬With Morrison’s passing,‭ ‬the surviving Doors carried on for two more albums on which keyboardist Ray Manzarek and guitarist Robbie Krieger were the singers,‭ ‬but the band’s run truly ended with L.A.‭ ‬Woman.‭ ‬This doc does a good job of recalling that era,‭ ‬with interviews with all three surviving Doors—as well as many insiders and friends—providing insight on the circumstances behind the creation of this legendary LP.

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