Pyle Introduces Five-Speaker iOS Docking System

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The PSBM60I from Pyle Audio is a docking system designed for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad.

I probably lost a few readers based on that sentence alone. They might have been thinking, really,
another iDock? 

I get it. Trust me.

But hang in there just a second and I think you’ll agree that Pyle’s latest entry in the growing pile of iOS docks has more to offer than a run-of-the-mill model.

The PSBM60I is a five-speaker, 300-watt sound bar, complete with a 5.25-inch woofer. The system also includes two 3-inch, full-range speakers and  two 1-inch tweeters.

In addition to playing iPods, iPhones, and iPads, the PSBM60I features a built-in FM stereo with auto search functionality and 20 presets. Pyle has included a 3.5 mm mini cable so that the dock can be used with other sources such as a computer or non-Apple MP3 player. The unit also has rear RCA connections that are suitable for DVD players or televisions.

Control is handled on the front panel, but the system also responds to commands from the included battery-powered remote. The PSBM60I will charge connected iOS devices and a special stand ensures that an iPad’s screen remains visible during operation.

The PSBM60I retails for $306.99, but is currently on sale through Pyle’s website. For more information, you can also call 888.318.PYLE.

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