Meridian Core Control App for iPad Now Available

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There’s great news for those with the pocketbooks to support a Meridian habit.  Meridian Audio has released its Core Control app for iPad devices.  The app, designed to control the company’s variety of Digital Media Systems (which seemingly, inexplicably, seem to have dropped the Sooloos name), follows in the navigation footsteps of the Control 15 by using cover art (as opposed to lists) to browse your collection via artist, track name, import date, or just about any other detail.  From this view, you can flick through your collection as opposed to sifting through a list.

It also includes a navigation feature named Focus, which, aptly enough, allows you to focus on a single metadata detail.  These details can include album info, genre, composer, credits, labels, or tags, and even other forensic data such as quality or when a track was last played.  You can save and recall your Focuses (Foci?).  The idea here is to find your music the way you think about it, without needing to know exactly what you’re looking for.  Once a Focus is set, you can use the Swim function to keep your playlist running without having to manually add tracks to play.

Traditional controls are also available.  Transport controls are readily accessible, as is playlist control via the Play Queue.  You can do all the normal functions such re-order, remove, replay, loop, or shuffle your Play Queue.  You are also able to edit all album/track details on the fly, making it easier to find your music in the future.

The iPad is bringing the ease of large, touchscreen control to a variety of integrated home systems, and the Core Control app is just one more of those systems.  This will likely make entry into the world of Meridian’s Digital Media Systems just a little bit more inexpensive.  Besides, you probably already have an iPad for your home’s Crestron or Control4 system, right?

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